Arthur F. Mathews 

ARTHUR F. MATHEWS - 1997 Recipient

ASECA is proud to announce that Arthur F. Mathews has been selected as the fifth recipient of the William O. Douglas Award.

For over twenty years, Mr. Mathews has played a major role in building and sustaining the securities law practice at Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering. Mr. Mathews has defended many major securities, commodities, and other corporate or business prosecutions and enforcement matters at the investigatory, administrative, civil, and criminal litigation levels. He has successfully represented numerous corporations, broker-dealers, underwriters, and other financial institutions, or their officers, directors, or employees, in a wide range of litigation matters. Mr. Mathews has authored numerous books, articles, and CLE monographs on federal securities litigation and enforcement, and white-collar crime.

In addition to a brilliant, trail-blazing career in private practice, Mr. Mathews has devoted enormous energy to advancing the practice of securities law generally through his active participation in the ABA, ALI, and numerous other organizations and committees. Moreover, Mr. Mathews has always shown a commitment to public service and making justice available to all, as shown by his receipt of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers 1995 President's Commendation Award for outstanding service in fighting for the right of every citizen, however humble, to stand before the Bar of Justice with a capable defense lawyer at his side and due process as his shield.